ponedeljek, 22. december 2014

time with my kid

Here is my idea - how to make a quality time with your children.

I'll name it - Make a tree

First of all - during a quiet time ( maybe some music ), make some thinking, prepare a simple sketch, just to be sure - everything turns out as planned.

Prepare all planned materials (wood boards, screws, tools, etc

DO IT :)_____________________It's very important to clean up the mess you make after installation. I must say while doing that I forgot to take some pics. :)

Now comes a pat when you accept some help from your kid and make some painting, brushing, making yourselves dirty.

 When you have a good coloured surface - green as shown, comes the funny part. Using all the imagination you and your kid have Start decorating the tree.

Use all kinds of brushes, paint etc. and START!

We had such a good time (ok she cried a bit - something was't as she planned).

PLEASE don't forget to make a star on the top of the tree - my daughter says that is the most important thing of all :)

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