sobota, 27. december 2014

my diet

Basically I hate diets and recipes for fat burning, shaped ass, top model look etc. I don't want to starve, don't want to calculate what did I eat today, is it way over my daily diet... In this post I'll write about way of life.

As every ordinary family - we discussed our healthy life, argue over types of ingredients we buy every day and stuff like that. In fact I was the one that argue. I used to eat - what I like, - never thinking what is good (read healthy) and what is bad. I must admit - I enjoy eating. Diskussions with my wife started to annoy me - big time. As a result of that, I started googling, watching, reading, and started learning more and more about vegan and vegetarian way of life.

I woke up early one morning, opened my laptop, I think I found one really long lecture about vegan diet - in fact it was about pregnancy and how food is improving it. I didn't watch it to the end - instead I woke my wife up and told her that from this day I'm vegan. (and I want to get pregnant - ha ha). Normally she laughed. 

But I really did. My wife if a pharmacist and was helping me a lot in my journey - I was making many cancellations in my daily habits.

The main reason wasn't the thought that I'm fat or stuff like that - I just wanted to try! I never before eat two or more kilos of fruit a day. I started eating a lot of salads and fresh vegetables every day.I forgot how hamburger look like - NO I'm lying - I started making veggie burgers. 

Did you know?
- meat can be replaced with seeds
- milk can be home made
- sugar is not obligatory for sweets

I used to eat a lot of bread, sweets, conditory products.... In many occasions I felt that I have a heavy burden in my stomach - but now not.
One friend told me - Vegan? That means you are hungry!
Totally not true! But as a result of that I lost 10 kg in six mouths, and I was not hungry, I was eating as much I wanted.

 I hope you agree with me - see you soon!


ponedeljek, 22. december 2014

time with my kid

Here is my idea - how to make a quality time with your children.

I'll name it - Make a tree

First of all - during a quiet time ( maybe some music ), make some thinking, prepare a simple sketch, just to be sure - everything turns out as planned.

Prepare all planned materials (wood boards, screws, tools, etc

DO IT :)_____________________It's very important to clean up the mess you make after installation. I must say while doing that I forgot to take some pics. :)

Now comes a pat when you accept some help from your kid and make some painting, brushing, making yourselves dirty.

 When you have a good coloured surface - green as shown, comes the funny part. Using all the imagination you and your kid have Start decorating the tree.

Use all kinds of brushes, paint etc. and START!

We had such a good time (ok she cried a bit - something was't as she planned).

PLEASE don't forget to make a star on the top of the tree - my daughter says that is the most important thing of all :)