sobota, 27. december 2014

my diet

Basically I hate diets and recipes for fat burning, shaped ass, top model look etc. I don't want to starve, don't want to calculate what did I eat today, is it way over my daily diet... In this post I'll write about way of life.

As every ordinary family - we discussed our healthy life, argue over types of ingredients we buy every day and stuff like that. In fact I was the one that argue. I used to eat - what I like, - never thinking what is good (read healthy) and what is bad. I must admit - I enjoy eating. Diskussions with my wife started to annoy me - big time. As a result of that, I started googling, watching, reading, and started learning more and more about vegan and vegetarian way of life.

I woke up early one morning, opened my laptop, I think I found one really long lecture about vegan diet - in fact it was about pregnancy and how food is improving it. I didn't watch it to the end - instead I woke my wife up and told her that from this day I'm vegan. (and I want to get pregnant - ha ha). Normally she laughed. 

But I really did. My wife if a pharmacist and was helping me a lot in my journey - I was making many cancellations in my daily habits.

The main reason wasn't the thought that I'm fat or stuff like that - I just wanted to try! I never before eat two or more kilos of fruit a day. I started eating a lot of salads and fresh vegetables every day.I forgot how hamburger look like - NO I'm lying - I started making veggie burgers. 

Did you know?
- meat can be replaced with seeds
- milk can be home made
- sugar is not obligatory for sweets

I used to eat a lot of bread, sweets, conditory products.... In many occasions I felt that I have a heavy burden in my stomach - but now not.
One friend told me - Vegan? That means you are hungry!
Totally not true! But as a result of that I lost 10 kg in six mouths, and I was not hungry, I was eating as much I wanted.

 I hope you agree with me - see you soon!


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