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Tsu review - something different

Before joining on I spend hours reading all the possible reviews i could find – and I finally signed in. Below I'm not writing what I've read but I will tell you my personal experience and what I think of it.


Unlike other popular social media (SM) portals this one is not perfect and doesn't have all the features and useful apps like most popular ones have. This maybe a result of the short period of existence (launched November 2014). I’m sure that the look and the interface come mostly with the experience of the team and appreciated feedback, so the future will show.

But many things are making it unique and I’ll turn to that later.

Must say also that the speed is a big issue which will turn you over – but NO - just stick around and you'll be surprised from so many thing you’ll like (I started to hate this word, wonder why?)

While you are reading you'll probably ask “why should I sign in?" Well yeah I am a kind of person who wants’ to point the negative side first and try not to be subjective about things.


Do you know what the main idea is when it comes to SM?
Sure you do! As you all know in the beginning Facebook was made for a university student’s – firstly for just ONE college (Harvard) in just ONE town (Boston) – The rest you know.
Today there is an ocean of SM, but I must admit that I haven’t experienced something similar. On TSU you'll be welcomed by numbers of soul mates which are spending their time and having fun like you do. With your first post you will be surprised how many of them will notice and say something about it. On my second day I received an friend request by Selena Gomez! (OK it was someone pretending or admiring her), but anyhow the vibe is so strong and worm.


I’m sure many of you are looking for audience (followers). This is the spot for you.
Unlike fake Selena, some of the official TSU users are 50 cent, LL Cool J and many other stars (even his majesty of Morocco). On my personal opinion the moving force are young artists which are showing their talent and socializing with the users. You can find musicians (@meresha), DJ’s, graphic designers, life teachers, bloggers (@TheTinyHouse), painters and much more. (I think one Good Witch asked me yesterday to be her friend J).
One ordinary guy @KevinHinkle post a quote which accumulated 20K+ comments on it – unbelievable! That guy is a TSU star.


I must thank my mentor @LifeIsPix for the help he is giving and for the priceless advices. Oh yeah you must know that you can join only via invitation and that’s how the system works – which is fine by me.

OUPS did I mention that is paying you for the activity and for your organic nature (read posts). Pretty cool, isn't it? In other words you don’t have to be Ellie Goulding and  receive 200K+ hearts in three days; you can simply be creative and achieve the same without singing J

And don't hesitate to JOIN via my link here

If you are already on please say something OR if you are not come back later and tell me about your experience.

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